dirty kinnie sideblog

hi, i’m ness, continue onwards if you must, but be warned, as literally none of it is interesting, probably because it's about some sad european kid who sits at home all day and sleeps.

before you follow

follow if you're literally anything because i honestly couldn't care less

i mean if you're literally a paedophile then i'd rather have you not follow me (even if you do, i can assure you that i'm not attractive in any form or sense of the word), but other than that, do whatever you want lmao

about me

i'm ness, and i'm from an unspecified place in europe. i'm also ftm trans, if it's of any interest at all. talk to me if you want to, but don't expect any form of conversational competence, as i am completely and utterly socially inept.

all i really do is draw, sleep, and occasionally write, but i also play piano, and am just starting to learn guitar.

my birthday is on the 22nd of march if you want to bully me marginally less than usual lmao

i mostly listen to blur, gorillaz, panic at the disco, and twenty one pilots, but i don't actually know anything about the bands other than their music, other than a vague understanding of gorillaz lore, so i’m probably not the best person to talk to about that.

i don't watch anime because it annoys me, but i read manga, and i was sucked into the hellholes that are homestuck, steven universe, and undertale, in case you couldn't already guess that from the fact that i use tumblr. i know a little about gravity falls, but not as much as everything else listed, as i haven't actually touched it in a few years. i'm also pretty into life is strange.

the manga i'm into are mostly alien or supernatural related or along those lines as probably guessable by the fact that i have a kin list, and i'm mostly into blue exorcist, parasyte, soul eater, fullmetal alchemist, tokyo ghoul, and death note. i've also read attack on titan and black butler, but i'm not too into it, or the fandom, i say as if i’m in the fandom of any of the other ones.

kin list


chloe price - life is strange

pink diamond - steven universe





ralsei - deltarune